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Live Edge Boards

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What are they?

Each live edge board is a complete one off. No two boards are exactly the same.

These beautiful wooden boards can be used as charcuterie boards, cheese boards, cutting boards, centre pieces for the table or even that special bit of functional kitchen art. Each and every one is a statement piece for your kitchen or living area. Each one is different and is created to take advantage of the natural and varying characteristics of each piece of wood.

How we make them?

Our process begins with the careful selection of planks from our local specialist timber yard. We only select planks that we think are going to look fantastic in your home. All of the available planks are different with different grain and bark patterns that make them unique. However,  they all have an amazing grain and rustic edge in common.

The planks are planed, cut to size and then sanded smooth. The natural live edge is left on one or more sides and the bark is removed. The boards are then sanded, sprayed with water to raise the grain, and sanded again to a perfectly smooth finish.

Once the boards are complete, we soak them in mineral oil and cover them in food safe wax to offer some additional water resistance. We add rubber feet to ensure these are stable on most surfaces and do not rock on uneven surfaces.


We stock a number of different boards and styles, however, if you like a style that is out of stock, please contact us and we can discuss options for a bespoke built to your exact needs. We will source the timber to make sure your ideas are brought to life.

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